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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About AED Accessory Kits

By 3 years ago
  1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) causes 350,000 deaths annually, or one fatality every 1.7 minutes.
  2. Use of an AED increases the chance of survival by 70%.
  3. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport recently purchased 49 AEDs which were deployed 14 times in the first 10 months saving a total of nine lives.
  4. My name is Jackson Dalton with Blackbox Safety. We manufacture an AED accessory kit which can be deployed in the event of a cardiac emergency.
  5. The kit includes includes:
    • 2 pair of nitrile gloves
    • 1 pair of 7” EMT shears
    • 1 surgical razor to remove body hair for positive pad to chest contact
    • 1 disposable rescue breathing CPR barrier
    • and 2 antimicrobial wipes

Find the AED Accessory Kit you need today at Black Box Safety.

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