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Black Box Safety

What sets us apart

With Black Box Safety, customers can protect their most valuable resource—people—by supplying safety products, consultation, and education tailored to the organization’s needs. Black Box provides a single source of documented risk assessment, product consultation and delivery, custom-written policies, and training while capturing market share through the SDVOSB advantage.

  • Board certified safety professionals with over ten years experience
  • Large inventory of safety and personal protective equipment
  • Set up to work with government agencies
  • We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Organization-wide Risk Assessment

Black Box Safety product sales begin with an organization-wide risk analysis using validated risk analysis methods recommended by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Centers for Disease Control (Appendices 9: CDC NIOSH Risk Matrix) (Centers for Disease Control, 2003). The documented analysis determines which safety products will be required to reduce the organization’s risk to an acceptable level. Commonly recommended PPE includes fall protection harnesses, lanyards, and lifelines; fall rescue equipment; fall prevention guardrails and warning lines.

Designing and implementing custom safety solutions

Black Box Safety gives companies timely access to expertise that existing staff may lack time or skills to supply. It counters the tendency toward one-size-fits-all solutions created when safety managers, who typically make equipment purchase decisions, lack time or knowledge to conduct effective risk assessments or evaluate highly technical products and rely instead on recommendations from distributors of safety equipment. Distributors, who do not have daily experience with the company, rely on manufacturers’ reps for product recommendations, but reps are two degrees distant from the company’s actual needs and primarily focused on sales. As each person looks to another for crucial information, detail is lost, increasing the potential for money wasted on solutions that go unused or, worse, provision of insufficient or even incorrect solutions, leading to safety failures.

Black Box Safety offers a board-certified safety professional, specialized in designing and implementing custom safety solutions, to disrupt this cycle. Combining on-the-ground knowledge of the client’s needs with a validated risk assessment tool, Black Box helps organizations build systems and select safety products to protect employees and avoid problems.

Our Services

Authorized Distributor

Black Box Safety is also authorized by manufacturers to distribute the following safety equipment including eye, face, and head protection; hearing protection; respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, and high-visibility garments such as vests and jackets. safety apparel that provides protection from electrical energy (arc flash and arc blast), fire and heat, punctures and cuts, and bloodborne pathogens.

Work with an Industry Leader.

Jackson Dalton (President & Founder) is a Board-Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and holds a Master’s degree in public health—only 17% of CSPs hold both (Board of Certified Safety Professionals, 2017) —as well as a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. Dalton’s unique combination of sales knowledge, business connections, technical expertise, and on-the-ground experience gives him superior knowledge of the field.

About Jackson Dalton, President

Jackson Dalton, a medically retired Marine. As an experienced sales manager of safety product, Dalton has spent 10 years establishing relationships with customers, product suppliers, and distribution channels. Dalton’s career in safety began as a Territory Sales Manager of fall protection equipment for Capital Safety, makers of DBI/SALA and Protecta fall protection brands. Dalton has also worked as a corporate safety engineer at 3M, a safety consultant and director of safety training at SMART Safety Group, and as a safety research assistant at the University of Minnesota.

  • Medically Retired from Marine Corps 2002
  • Capital Safety: world’s premier manufacturer of Fall Protection 2007-2011
  • SMART Safety Group
  • Director of Safety Training 2011-2012
  • Safety Manager 2012-2014
  • University of Minnesota: School of Public Health 2014-2016
  • 3M: Corporate Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Safety Engineer 2016-2017
  • Black Box Safety: Founder, 2017