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Meet The Team



Jackson Dalton is the founder of our company, and leading visionary of our day to day procedure. With 13 years of experience, Masters degree in public health, and board Certified Safety Professional, he has the most knowledge possible in occupational safety requirements and practices. In his early twenties, after a Medical retirement from the Marine Corps Jackson was introduced to the safety industry working as a fall protection subject matter expert at Capital Safety for 4 years. He is what makes Black Box Safety a disabled Veteran owned business.

Born and raised in Minnesota, he is a kind hearted individual and an expert at driving in the snow. His nick name “Mighty-Mouse” in bootcamp illustrates his drive and determination for success which are the components of his textbook leadership qualities.


Bring us an order and Brian Dalton will take care of the rest. He provides equipment, procurement, logistics and supply chain solutions to each of our valued customers. With his motto, “Rip it, wrap it, pick it, pack it, ship it” Brian is no stranger to the UPS driver. Being our business founder’s father, he loves what he does and played a very dominant role in the early development of our business. A true team player and would give anyone the shirt off his back. If you do business with us, you’ll love when Brian answers our phone.


The newest member to our team and absolute powerhouse of a salesmen. He hits lead sheets almost as hard as he hits the weight room. His signature catch phrase “Always Be Closing” makes him a vital and motivating component to our sales team. His economics background credited by University of Virginia gives his word and prospective validity.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA Griffin is no stranger to militant operation. With a love for weight training and a background of sports, his team work mindset is the catalyst to complete tasks at hand and is the base of our incentive.


Appealing to all ages and walks of life is a mission of ours, Charles makes that possible. With creativity and user experience in mind, Charles keeps our brand and vision, youthful and relevant. His background in digital marketing makes him an expert in branding and promotion. He provides insight and solution to some grey area not all of us have an eye for. Resourceful yet diligent, he is a great asset to our rapidly growing business.

On a personal note, Charles is a true renaissance man. His time away from Black Box Safety is usually spent playing instruments, creating art, and doing yoga. Just like the rest of our team, we admire his lifestyle and therefore trust him with day to day operations.


Logos don’t design themselves, this is where Amy comes in. Being a true artist at heart, she loves the design work and creation she does here at Black Box Safety. With 30 years of professional experience, we wouldn’t trust anyone else with the tasks we assign her. She specializes in brand identity and development and has shaped us into the aesthetic business we are today. She’s an animal lover and an all around creative spirit, her positivity shines through and is contagious in the work place. Her work ethic is outstanding, and procrastination is not in her vocabulary. If a task in need of completion crosses Amy’s path, consider it done.