What Every Chief of Sustainability Needs to Know

Jan 07 2018

What Every Chief of Sustainability Needs to Know

Biodegradable Nitrile Glove SHOWA 6110PF [link to product page]

Every year, 1.5 Billion pounds of disposable gloves end up in our landfills.  That’s 750,000 tons, or 6000 Boeing 757 Jumbo Jets.  One Company, SHOWA Gloves, has made a nitrile, disposable glove that is 100% biodegradable.  When SHOWA ‘s Eco Best Technology®(EBT) gloves are disposed of in our landfills; microorganisms consume, metabolize and break down the materials into three natural compounds— organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. This creates fertilizer, leaving behind zero waste.  Consider the number of disposable gloves used every day in hospitals, schools, warehouses, laboratories and even our own homes. The numbers are astronomical.

To learn more visit blackboxsafety.com




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Jackson Dalton