Purlite UV Sanitation Machine


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Designed For: Home + Workplace
(Home, Household Items, Office Items, Etc.)

Time to Sanitize: 30 seconds

UV-C Lights: 2 x 10w UV-C lights 360 Degree Sanitizing: Yes
Sanitize Indicator: Yes

Lab Test Conclusion: Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs including Salmonella, eColi, Tymphimurium, Staphylococcus Aureus. Eliminates up to 99.9% reduction on Covid-19 based on correlation with lab tests.

Size | Weight: 12” x 6” x 4.5” | 2.85 lbs.

Internal Capacity: 10.5” x 3” x 4.25”

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