5 Gallon Safe Bucket 100 lb. Load Rated Hook and Loop Canvas


  • Puncture resistant plating sewn into the base of the bucket
  • Carabiner and Hoisting Strap
  • Innovative hook and loop closure system
  • Heavy-duty 24 oz. cotton duck canvas
  • Fits a standard plastic 5 gallon bucket

Model: 1500135
Specifications: 5 gallon canvas bucket with hook and loop closure system, 100 lb. (45.4 kg) capacity.


The 5 Gallon Safe Bucket has been designed to safely transport standard 5 gallon plastic buckets at height. This bucket is larger than the standard Safe Bucket. A patent pending hook and loop closure system allows the bucket to be locked closed during transport of the bucket. 5 Gallon plastic bucket is not included.