Disposable Face Shield

Black Box Safety, Inc.

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  • Made up in Three Parts
    • Clear Poly Shield
    • Open Cell Soft Foam
    • Adjustable Polyethylene Strap

Plastic Shield

  • The Plastic Face Shield is made of 10 mil to 15 mil Clear Polyester [PET] / Clear Polycarbonate [PL] plastic. 
  • Clear Polyester [PET]- This sheet is flexible, exceptionally strong and durable and spray proof.
  • Clear Polycarbonate [PL]- This is tough and durable. Lightweight and economical. 


  • Open Cell Soft Foam cell walls are broken and air fills all the spaces in the material which allows it to be soft.
  • Foam is great for all day use on the forehead.
  • The densities of open cell foams are around ½ to ¾ of a pound per cubic foot.

Adjustable Strap

  • The strap is made of Polyethylene and is designed to be adjusted to fit. This is done so with notches in the plastic that allows a lock in fit around the head.
  • Polyethylene [HDPE]- Is the most common plastic used. It is a mixture of polymers of ethylene.

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