Dropped Object Protection


Harnesses include shoulder straps and leg straps, a sub-pelvic assembly, adjustable buckles or fasteners, and one or more D-rings to connect to a lanyard. The dorsal D-ring (between the worker’s shoulder blades) is used with a fall arrest system. D-rings in other positions are sometimes included for use with ladder safety devices. For this reason, some harnesses come with D-rings on the front, sides, and lower back. A safe and effective harness will fit (i.e., be the correct size) and is adjusted so that all straps are snug (see Figure 15). Dangling leg straps or arm straps are signs that the harness is not being worn correctly. The sub-pelvic assembly transfers the forces during a fall or suspension to the worker’s sub-pelvic region. Although adjustable, some models come in different sizes and may be gender specific.