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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE 5.0 Crossfire MK-4 Stream Spray 3.0 oz 56CFT30

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56CFT30 Sabre 5.0 Crossfire MK-4 Stream Spray 3.0 oz

Walk with peace of mind while carrying the protection of the Sabre 5.0 Crossfire MK-4 Stream Spray 3.0 oz. Optimized for defensive application, the sprayer utilizes 3rd generation technology to allow the Crossfire to deliver a powerful stream of spray from downward, horizontal, and upward positions as well as everywhere in between. The easy access top trigger is easily reached for rapid deployment in high-stress situations. Once deployed, the Sabre's fast acting formula uses its 5% OC and .67% major capsaicinoid potency to immediately inflame the nose, ears, eyes, mouth and throat of its target for instant immobilization. With a range of 15-20 feet, the MK-4 is guaranteed to keep attackers at bay.

Sabre SR-56CFT30 Specs

  • Potency: 5% OC, .63% major capsaicinoids
  • Range: 15-20 feet
  • Delivers 16 full 1-second bursts
  • 3rd generation technology for continuous deployment from any position
  • Stream delivery spray pattern delivers maximum shooting distance
  • Thumb button provides rapid spray deployment
  • Compact design offers convenient carry options
  • UV marking dye for easy suspect identification
  • Volume: 3.0 oz

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