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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE MK-9 DPS 18.5 Fog Delivery Spray 960060-C

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930060-C Sabre MK-9 DPS 18.5 Fog Delivery Spray

The MK-9 DPS 18.5 Fog Delivery Spray from Sabre is a powerful and effective method of non-lethal crowd control optimized for law enforcement application. The spray boasts a 1% concentration of military-grade CS tear gas capable of stopping the toughest and most aggressive attackers in their tracks. The formula is designed to immediately attack the sensitive membranes of the lungs, eyes and nose resulting in total disorientation and immobilization of would-be aggressors. A powerful dual propellant system (DPS) combines Dupont's Dymel134a propellant with nitrogen gas to deliver a far-reaching fog spray that offers maximum area coverage. A pistol style grip allows for quicker and more effective deployment.

Sabre SR-930060-C Specs

  • Formula: 1% CS military tear gas
  • Dual propellant system provides a concentrated and powerful stream
  • Safe for use with canine units
  • Highly purified for maximum stopping strength
  • Pistol style grip allows for tactical deployment
  • Fog style spray offers maximum area coverage
  • Volume: 18.5 oz