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  1. FallTech Contractor+ Harness 7016B

    7016B FallTech Contractor+, 1 back Dorsal D-Ring, Blue/Black, MADE IN USA

  2. FallTech Tradesman+ Harness 7078B

    7078B FallTech Tradesman+, Construction Belted Harness, MADE IN USA

    Tradesman+, Standard Harness, Non-Belted
    Tradesman Plus harness incorporate nearly 20 years of end-user acceptance for
    performance and reliability. Serviceable functionality and trusted quality are enhanced
    with added features while not imposing a premium expense. Integrated dorsal SRL or SRD
    sleeve, Visi-lock Quick-Connect chest buckles, Tri-layer padded shoulder yoke,
    reinforced waist pad, and low-profile spring-tension torso adjusters are all standard
    on Tradesman Plus harnesses.

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  3. FallTech Contractor+ Harness 7073B

    7073B FallTech Contractor+ Harness, Construction Belted Harness, MADE IN USA

    Contractor+ Harness, Construction-Belted 3 D-ring Harness
    The Contractor+ 7073B harness offers a traditional constructed belted harness with 1
    Dorsal D-ring and 2 Hip D-rings. Ideal for workers that require tool bags and require their
    harness for positioning applications.

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  4. FallTech Arc Flash Harness 7047QC

    7047QC FallTech Arc Flash Standard Non-belted Harness, MADE IN USA

    Arc Flash Standard Non-belted Harness
    Overmold insulation on all steel components provide superior protection from current flow in electrically charged work environments. Advanced overmold solution fully encases both parts of the Quick Connect buckles on the chest and legs and replaces the need for leather insulators.

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  5. FallTech WeldTech Harness w/ side D-rings 7039

    7039 FallTech WeldTech 3‐D Full Body Harness, Standard Non-belted Harness, MADE IN USA

    7039 WeldTech 3‐D Full Body Standard Non-belted Harness
    Standard Non-belted available with Nomex webbing and one alloy steel D-ring.  Offered with Mating Bucklechest and Quick Connect legs.  This Nomex®/Kevlar® blended webbing harness is ideal for welding or hot-work activities.

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  6. FallTech Hi-Vis Vest Harness 7018L

    7018L FallTech Hi-Vis Vest Harness, ANSI Compliant DOT Class 2, Non-Belted, MADE IN USA

    7018L Hi-Vis Vest Harness, ANSI Class 2, Non-Belted
    7018L FallTech Hi-Vis Vest Harness, ANSI Compliant DOT Class 2, Non-Belted Harness, MADE IN USA

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  7. FallTech ComforTech Harness 7084

    7084 FallTech ComforTech Tower Climbing Harness, Steel MADE IN USA

    7084 FallTech ComforTech Tower Climbing Harness, Steel, MADE IN USA
    6 D-rings, Back, Chest, Side and Seat; Tongue Buckle Legs and Quick Connect Chest, Lumbar-supporting Waist Pad and Padded Work Seat.

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  8. FallTech 8595A Roofers Kits w/ 7016 Harness

    Roofers Kits includes : 7016 Harness; 8150 Vertical Lifeline, 8368 Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Trailing Grab; 7410 Roof Anchor. UniFit full body harness, 3' shock absorbing lanyard with integral trailing rope grab, 50' View Harness Size Chart

  9. FallTech Harness Kit 9005PS

    9005PS 7015 Harness; 8259 Shock Absorbing Lanyard, 5005P Gear Bag. Conveniently pre-selected basic components of a personal fall arrest system Contains UniFit full body harness and single leg shock absorbing lanyard with polyester storage bag View Harness Size Chart

  10. FallTech WeldTech non-belted Harness 7036A




    Standard, non-belted WeldTech Full Body Harness



Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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