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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE Decon Cleans and Soothe 1 Gallon

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Sabre Decon Cleans and Soothe 1 Gallon

Once the scene of the crime has been sprayed, clean up is the next step. Sabre offers the Sabre Decon Cleans and Soothe 1 Gallon kit for officers caught in the line of fire as well as subjects or inmates they have brought under control. These solutions are made to be used in tandem, starting with the Sabre Cleanse Step I formula to remove the chemical agent, followed by the Sabre Soothe Step II formula to moisten the skin. Cleansing not only decontaminates the skin surface affected by pepper spray, it also keeps the chemical from continuing to enter the porous surface and spreading to more skin surface area. Soothing acts as a neutralizer, taking away the burn from affected surfaces. Sabre's Decon kit will decontaminate up to 200 people.

Item Specs

  • Decontaminate officers and subjects in a two step process
  • Cleanse Step I formula removes chemical agent
  • Decontaminate skin, stop chemical absorption, and prevent spread
  • Soothe Step II formula moistens skin and neutralizes burning
  • Quantity will serve up to 200 people

SABRE Decon Cleans and Soothe 1 Gallon