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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

Safety Goggles

Chemical Safety Goggles

Chemical safety goggles are a form of eye protection designed to enclose and protect the area under and around the eye, in order to prevent chemicals, debris, or particles from damaging the eye.

A large percentage of eye injuries are caused by direct contact with chemicals, which is why Safety goggles are especially important when working with or around hazardous liquids that may splash, spray, or mist. Chemical safety goggles are typically used in settings such as laboratories, cleanrooms and heavy industrial environments where chemicals and liquids are present. Keep yourself and your employees safe.

Black Box Safety offers a wide variety of chemical safety goggles that are fit to protect and prevent injury. Place an order on our website, or call our sales team for more information at (866) 217-8187.