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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

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Falling is an ever-present danger for workers in several industries. Those using ladders, operating on construction sites, or simply working in slippery conditions are all at risk for falls. While proper safety protocol can help reduce the risk of falling, falls can never be eliminated altogether. Should a fall occur, you need to be prepared. At Black Box Safety, we’re here to help. On this page, you’ll find our selection of specially-curated fall-protection gear for applications large and small. Committed to the highest standard of safety, we carry only the finest fall protection gear tested for performance in the field. Learn more about our fall protection selection below, and shop with our team today!

Preventing and Preparing for the Fall

Falling in the workplace is a fact of life. Accidents can happen to even the most seasoned worker, which is why its important to plan ahead for them before they arise. In many cases, falling accidents can be greatly reduced by investing in proper equipment, such as access systems and guardrails, that keep workers from falling in the first place. Even so, falls can still happen. When they do, it’s vital that your personnel are properly outfitted to mitigate any potential injuries or damages from their falls. For most job sites — especially those involving exposure at great heights — supplies such as harnesses, carabiners, lanyards, and lifelines are necessities. You’ll find these supplies and more right here at Black Box Safety.

Fall Protection Products and Systems for Every Setting

Falling is a risk in any workplace, but that doesn’t mean that all workplaces have the same falling risks. Some jobs require workers to climb up and reach objects on shelves, pallets, or other inventory storage areas. Other jobs—such as construction, window cleaning, electrical servicing, and more—require workers to be suspended at great heights while performing specific tasks. In these situations and many others, proper fall protection requires equipment designed for specific scenarios.

Here at Black Box Safety, we are proud to carry fall protection products and systems for every setting. Searching for safe ladders, guard rails, or other full fall protection systems? Check out our selection of sophisticated and reliable Access Systems, Engineered Systems, Ladder Systems, and Guard Rails. Need security for exposed suspension at high-risk heights? Stay safe with Harnesses, Anchors and Carabiners, Restraint Lanyards, Horizontal Lifelines and much more. Worried about falling objects rather than falling personnel? We carry a large selection of products for dropped object prevention, including a range of Tool Lanyards and Hole Covers.

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Black Box Safety: The Right Choice for Fall Protection Safety Equipment

When it comes to fall protection, product quality can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why it’s important to shop from suppliers who carry brand-name products tested to perform in the most demanding applications. Committed to the highest standard of quality and safety across all products, our team here at Black Box Safety proudly carries only the finest fall protection equipment in our inventory.

Whether you are looking for full-scale fall protection systems, suspension products, or dropped object prevention solutions, you’ll find all types of fall protection equipment right here. Explore our website to learn more about our business, contact us to speak with a member of our team directly, and shop the industry’s finest fall protection products here at Black Box Safety today!