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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Protection Equipment

Fire safety is an integral facet of any workplace. Without proper safety measures in place, the risk of fire increases exponentially—and both personnel and property are put at risk. To stop fire in its tracks, it’s important to invest in proper fire prevention and extinguishing equipment. Here at Black Box Safety, we proudly carry a large selection of the industry's finest fire safety solutions, including fire protection equipment, fire extinguisher products, and more. Read up on our inventory and the importance of fire safety below, and shop with our team for industry-leading fire safety products at affordable prices.

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Preventing and Extinguishing Fires

In work environments of all kinds, there are few threats more devastating than fire. Both incredibly destructive and fast-spreading, fires can occur in any property due to a number of risk factors, including electrical complications, human error, and natural disasters. While practicing proper fire safety protocol and installing fire-safe products can mitigate many of these risk factors, they can never be totally eliminated. In the event of a fire on your property, you need equipment you can count on to extinguish the risk as quickly as possible. If you work near fire frequently, you need gear that can handle the heat. Fire safety is a multiple-step process. Fire prevention is the first step. Fire extinguishing in the event of an emergency is the second. If you work in a profession where fire is a common occurrence, fire detection and protection are final steps—and ones you should practice every day. In each of these steps, having the proper equipment is vital. At Black Box Safety, we have you covered.

Fire Safety Essentials for Professionals

No workplace is fire-safe without the proper equipment. First and foremost among this equipment is the fire extinguisher. All buildings should have a fire extinguisher, and most should have several. A general rule (and the current NFPA rule) is that there should be a fire extinguisher every 75 feet within a building. In our Fire Extinguishers section, you’ll find different-sized fire extinguishers from brand names including Oval and Amerex, each rated to extinguish dry chemical fires. We also provide a selection of Fire Safety Signs to alert building occupants to a fire extinguisher’s exact location. Lastly, for fire detection, we carry a selection of Inspection Equipment, including inspection software, door gap gauges, and more. For fire safety from start to finish, there simply is no better place to shop.

Learn More and Protect Your Property

Interested in learning more about fire safety? Not sure which fire protection equipment your property needs? Our team at Black Box Safety is here to help. Explore our website for helpful guides and resources, and contact us to speak with a member of our team directly.