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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

Respiratory Protection

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The following are different types and accessories of respiratory protection provided at Black Box Safety.

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Respiratory protection is a form of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that prevents an individual from inhaling harmful toxins in an airborne-contaminated environment.

Black Box Safety knows how important it is to keep your lungs and respiratory system healthy. That’s why our extensive knowledge on respiratory protection makes us the top choice when employers are selecting respiratory protection equipment for their organization. We work hard to give companies access to products that existing staff may lack time or skills to supply, and our wide selection of respiratory protection equipment demonstrates that. From our powered air purifying respirators (PAPR), to our reusable and disposable respirators, we can help you to choose which product is going to be the best fit for your company’s needs.

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Types of respiratory protection

Respirators are commonly classified by the type of toxin that they protect against, the specific substances they are approved for, and their Assigned Protection Factor (APF).

Respiratory protection is a necessary component of many occupations, and protecting employees from harmful contaminants should be on the forefront of every employer's mind. Choosing the correct respirator for your workplace hazards is the most important step in choosing respiratory protection. If your respirator and filters are not designed to protect against the problem at hand, inadequate protection will be provided and thus, could lead to a life-threatening illness. Speak with our sales team today to figure out which Respiratory protection equipment will best fit your company’s needs.

Keep your team safe and healthy with respiratory protection

In many industrial occupations, staff members and employees must enter or operate in environments where unhealthy and life-threatening airborne particles may be present. If a toxic substance or environment is unable to be controlled and your employees are operating in settings where their health is at risk, it is crucial that they are provided with the correct Respiratory Protection to protect them from any respiratory related illness. When deciding on Respiratory PPE, it is important to consider the following OSHA Respiratory Protection standards to ensure that all RP requirements are being met for you and your employees.
  • 1910.134(a)(1): In the control of those occupational diseases caused by breathing air contaminated with harmful dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, sprays, or vapors, the primary objective shall be to prevent atmospheric contamination. This shall be accomplished as far as feasible by accepted engineering control measures (for example, enclosure or confinement of the operation, general and local ventilation, and substitution of less toxic materials). When effective engineering controls are not feasible, or while they are being instituted, appropriate respirators shall be used pursuant to this section.
  • 1910.134(a)(2): A respirator shall be provided to each employee when such equipment is necessary to protect the health of such employee. The employer shall provide the respirators which are applicable and suitable for the purpose intended. The employer shall be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a respiratory protection program, which shall include the requirements outlined in paragraph (c) of this section. The program shall cover each employee required by this section to use a respirator.