Black Box Safety, Inc. Duty Belt Trauma Kit

Black Box Safety, Inc.

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Black Box Safety, Inc. Duty Belt Trauma Kit w/SWAT-T™ Tourniquet

Ease of application is one of the greatest benefits of the SWAT-T™; individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training. Simply SWAT- Stretch, Wrap, And Tuck.

The 3x8 Advanced Hemostatic Gauze (resorbable) is a sterile, trauma gauze (hemostatic dressing) for control of traumatic bleeding.  It stops moderate to severe bleeding, by promoting rapid coagulation; for use by trained emergency responders only.  The only hemostatic gauze that contains a unique gel that adheres the product to the tissue.  The liquid uptake capabilities: over 2500 times its own weight.

The Duty Belt Pouch (3” wide x 5.5” tall x 1” thick) was designed to provide the user easy access to the SWAT T Tourniquet and the 3x8 Advanced Hemostatic Gauze. It offers (3) attachment options including a vertical (with Optional Straps) or horizontal belt mount as well as a Sim clip option. There is an elastic loop on the side that can be used for a pen or other gear. A mod strap (4”) (CON-223) is required for a molle hook-up to a pack (not included).


  • SWAT-T™ Tourniquet
  • 3x8 Advanced Hemostatic Gauze (resorbable)
  • 1000 Denier Cordura Duty Belt Pouch w/ Medic Cross Patch

Colors: Available in black, multi-cam, OD green, and tan



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