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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

Door Gap Gauge 6 Pack

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SKU Door Gap Gauge-6-1


Get your 6 pack of door gap gauges today to provide a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your fire door inspections. If you currently don't need a 5 pack today check out some of our other pages to see what other specialty tools we have to support door inspections.


  • We have put together a page dedicated to our Door Gap Gauge where you will be able to find a door inspection checklist, videos on how to use the door gap gauge and much more cool information. We have pages dedicated to Door Gauges if you want to see the variations that we have to offer or if you are looking just for door pressure gauge we have a page just for that too. We have just about anything you will need for inspecting doors for fire ratings and ADA requirements.
  • We don't just do door inspection tools, we have inspector gifts and our a source for ICC exam preparation

Door Gap Gauge Specifications

  • It is compact and easy to use with its machined steps to identify the following margins 1/8', 3/8', 1/4', 3/8', 1/2',  5/8' ¥ and 3/4' for your required door gaps.
  • It also has a material thickness gauge with the ability to measure the following sizes 20ga, 16ga, 15ga, 14ga, 1/8, 10ga, 3/16' and 1/4' of sheet goods and wire sizes.
  • The coolest part is that it boasts a beer bottle opener and attaches to your keychain when you need it the most.