FallTech 16" Rebar Positioning Assembly 8458


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-Dual-gate hook attaches to User's Hip D-rings for Work Positioning applications
-Swivel Rebar Hook connects to vertical surface
-Captive-pin Carabiner allows easy replacement of Rebar Hook if needed
-Assembly provides user with hands-free position to perform needed work
-8½" width inside hooks and 16" length with carabiner and Rebar hook from center eye
-Plated Alloy Steel Hook, Carabiner and Rebar Hook with 5,000 lbs Min Tensile Strength
-3,600 lbs Gate Strength on hook, Carabiner and Rebar hook gates
-Meets ANSI Z359.12-2009 ANSI Z359.3-2007 OSHA 1926.503

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