FallTech 6' Anchor Sling Cable 84202D


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84202D FallTech 6' Anchor Sling Cable, MADE IN USA


  • 1/4" galvanized steel cable has high strength and is nearly impervious to cuts and abrasion.
  • Rugged forged alloy‐steel hardward allows for easy pass‐through installation.
  • Ideal for I‐beams and other properly rated structural members, particularly in harsh environments.
  • Economical: Can be used repeatedly.
  • Meets the requirements of OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.

Material Specifications

  • Cable: 1/4" Galvanized; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strength
  • D‐Rings: Alloy Steel; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Connector(s): Alloy Steel; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Connector Gate: Alloy Steel; Min. 3,6500 lbs. front load and side load

Performance Specifications

  • Tensile Strength: Min. 5,000 lbs.
  • Max. Capacity: 425 lbs.
  • To maintain ANSI Z359 compliance, limit total user weight to 310lbs

Relevant Standards

  • OSHA: CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66
  • ANSI: A10.32‐2004
  • ANSI: Z359.1‐2007


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