FallTech Choke-on/Tape-on Loop-end Tool Attachment 5310A1


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Choke-on/Tape-on Loop-end Tool Attachments 

For larger and heavier hand and power tools with problematic handle sizes, our loop-end tool attachments utilize combined choke-on and tape-on fastening for creating a tether attachment point on tools weighing up to 35 lbs. Featuring 13" length with 1" connection loop and 6" web support arms for added attachment stability; secured with No-heat Tool Tape sold separately. 

• Well-suited for use with cordless drills, recip saws and many other unwieldy power tools. 

• 1" end-loop is appropriately matched for tethered carabiner connection. 

• Web support arms provide means for stabilized tape-on attachment. 

• Offered in packs of 1 pc. and 5 pcs 

• All webbing polyester.

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