FallTech DuraTech Self-Retracting Lifeline 72706TB3


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• Available in single and twin-leg models
• 6’ working length
• Compact and impact-resistant nylon housing
• Integral energy absorber also provides visual indication of fall event
• For use up to 5’ below the back D-ring
• Alloy steel swivel eye helps reduce lifeline twisting
• Available with alloy steel, aluminum alloy leg-end and swivel eye connectors
including carabiners, snap hooks and rebar hooks.

Materials Specifications
Webbing: 100% Dyneema®; 4,500 lbs. Min.
Energy Absorber: Polyester
Swivel Eye: Alloy Steel, 5/8” hole diameter
SRL Housing: Nylon 6/6
Main Shaft: Alloy Steel
Pawls: Stainless Steel
Aluminum Alloy and Alloy Steel;
5,000 lbs. Min. with 3,600 lbs. Gate

Performance Specifications
Static Strength: 3,000 lbs. Min.
User Capacity: 310 lbs. Max.
Max. Arrest Distance: 54”
Average Arrest Force: Less than 900 lbs.
Max. Arrest Force: 1,800 lbs.
SRL Class: Class B

Relevant Standards
ANSI: Z359.14-2014
OSHA: 1926.502 and 1910.66

Read, understand and follow all labels and instruction manual prior to use.
• Inspect before each use.
• Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wear.
• Never connect an energy absorbing lanyard to hip or side D-rings.

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