FallTech Ironman Dual-class Y-leg 6' lanyard 8247EY3


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Ironman® Dual-class Energy Absorbing Lanyards are the essential user solution when faced with a variety of changing worksite anchorage conditions by providing the needed deceleration to effectively arrest average fall forces typically experienced in Overhead/6′ Free Fall and Foot Level/12′ Free Fall conditions.

All Ironman Dual-class Lanyards can be employed in both Overhead/6′ Free Fall and Foot Level/12′ Free Fall applications for users weighing up to 310 lbs. Max. Additionally, heavier users weighing between 310 and 425 lbs. may also utilize Ironman Dual-class Lanyards but only in Overhead/6′ Free Fall conditions.

• Integrated Ironman Energy Absorber with dual ANSI Class performance for 6′ and 12′ Free Falls.

• *Patented ViewPack® energy absorber cover with inspection window and WrapPack construction to protect the product labels.

• Available in Single-leg and Y-leg configurations for 100% Tie-off.

• Snap and Rebar Hook Leg-end Connectors provided in both Alloy Steel and Aluminum Alloy.

• Supported in two user-preferred platforms; Static Length Legs and Elasticated Legs.

• SRD and Rescue D-rings available on select models.

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