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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE 5.0 MK-6 H2O 3.3 oz Foam Spray 56H2O30-F

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56H2O30-F Sabre 5.0 MK-6 H2O 3.3 oz Foam Spray

The Sabre 5.0 MK-6 H2O 3.3 oz Foam Spray is a powerful non-lethal method for subduing aggressive suspects and attackers. Its potent formula boasts a 5% OC centration with .67% major capsaicinoids capable of halting the most stubborn combatants where they stand. The foam style spray provides total facial coverage and smears and spreads when targets try to wipe it off. As soon as it makes contact, the spray immediately inflames the lungs, eyes, mouth and throat to cause instant immobilization and disorientation. The H2O line of defense sprays features a water based formula that is not flammable or combustible. This allows operators to use the spray in conjunction with electric discharge weapons without fear of serious injury to the suspect. Because it is water based, the formula is more easily cleaned and decontamination time shortened.

Sabre SR-56H2O30-F Specs

  • Formula: 10% OC, .67% major capscaicinoids
  • Non-flammable formula offers increased safety
  • Water soluble base speeds up decontamination
  • Highly purified for maximum stopping strength
  • Ergonomic trigger allows for rapid deployment
  • Volume: 3.3 oz