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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE CS MK-4 DPS 4.4 oz Stream Delivery Spray 540030

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540030 Sabre CS MK-4 DPS 4.4 oz Stream Delivery Spray

The Sabre CS MK-4 DPS is a personal defense spray that contains 1.5 percent CS military-grade tear gas, found by the United States Department of Defense to be more effective and faster-acting than ordinary capsaicin-based sprays. The formula is chromatography tested, ensuring that each batch has a guaranteed active ingredient content for reliable effectiveness. Its stream dispersal pattern allows accurate targeting of individuals with reduced risk of blowback compared to a fogger system, and provides an effective range of 12 to 15 feet so that you can strike from a safe distance. Its 4.4 ounce capacity is enough for 30 one-second bursts.

Sabre SR-540030 Specs

  • Formula: 1.5 percent CS tear gas
  • Range: 12 - 15 feet
  • Capacity: 30 1-second bursts
  • Stream dispersal pattern allows accurate targeting
  • Non-flammable and EDW safe
  • Contains UV marking dye for suspect identification
  • HPLC-verified strength

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