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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)

SABRE MK-4 H2O 3.3 oz Stream Delivery Spray 53H2O30

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53H2O30 Sabre MK-4 H2O 3.3 oz Stream Delivery Spray

Deter criminals and detain suspects with the help of the MK-4 H20 3.3 oz Stream Delivery Spray from Sabre. The spray boasts a potent 1% OC concentration that is powerful enough to stop even the most determined assailants in their tracks. Its purified formula immediately immobilizes attackers on contact by enflaming the sensitive membranes of the eyes, throat, nose and ears. This unique spray features a distilled water base that eliminates threats of flammability and combustion. This means the spray can be used in conjunction with non-lethal electronic discharge weapons, such as Tasers, without fear of causing unintended harm. In addition to being safer to use, the spray's water soluble base speeds up the cleaning and decontamination process. A nitrogen powered propellant system keeps the formula from freezing, guaranteeing total functionality in extreme weather conditions.

Sabre SR-53H2O30 Specs

Formula: 1% OC
Non-flammable formula offers increased safety
Water soluble base speeds up decontamination
Highly purified for maximum stopping strength
Ergonomic trigger allows for rapid deployment
Volume: 3.3 oz

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