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Tuff- Step provides safe temporary working access to most sloped surfaces where anchoring is possible.
May be used as individual stairs or joined together for longer runs. Possible uses include road/rail
embankments, river banks, gravel pits, earth retaining walls, trenching, access to accident sites,
construction sites, vehicles, general hilly terrain and temporary access between building levels. Can also
provide safe temporary bridging over small holes and uneven terrain.

Common features of Tuff-Step are:
1. Heavy Duty non-slip thermoplastic tread.
2. Open design prevents build up of ice, snow, and mud.
3. Max load is 550lbs (250kgs) per step.
4. Adjustable slope 0-55 degree (5 position).
5. Unlimited number of steps that may be used together with or without anchors.

Portable Walkways or Ramps

●Narrow or Wide Steps permanently mounted to aluminum frames, 8, 12, 16 steps per section.
● Steps can fold down to create a flat, non-slip walkway or ramp
● Maximum load is 550lbs (250kgs) per section.
●Handrail optional.

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