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The Tri-Post provides 3 separate fall protection-rated anchor points in a lightweight portable package.

Tuff Built’s PRO-Series Portable Fall Arrest Structures are designed to anchor to various work
surface mounted anchor points, including the Uni-Anchor style plates widely provided by other

Designed for use on transformers or similar elevated surfaces, the
PRO-3 Tripost (PT# 30137) provides three separate fall protection-
rated anchor points in a lightweight portable package that
installs quickly without any tools.

Part # 30137

Description Tripost, PRO-3

Anchor Points: 3 Persons

Height Maximum: 4’-7” ft (1.39 m)

Weight 10.3 lbs (4.7 kgs)

Tripost Safe Working Zone
Workers must stay within the Safe Working Zone while
attached to the Tripost in accordance with the manufacturers
instructions, to ensure protection as intended by the

Values shown assume the following conditions;
The work surface is at the same elevation as the surface to
which the mounting base is installed.

Each worker weighs 310lbs or less, including all clothes, tools
and accessories, and is connected to the post using a self
retracting lifeline (SRL) with a Maximum Arrest Force (MAF)
rating of 900 lbs (4 kN) or less.

For applications not with the parameters given above please
contact your supplier / distrubutor for additional options.

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