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Biodegradable Gloves

Showa, the inventors of the first latex free single use nitrile glove (N-DEX®), now bring you the world’s first biodegradable nitrile glove. Their engineers surpass they’re previous standard of innovation yet again with GREEN-DEX™ 100% Biodegradable Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves with Eco-Best Technology™ (EBT™). Consider the number of nitrile gloves used every day. Each one takes over 100 years to fully break down. EBT™ does not compromise any protection or performance, and they return to organic matter in only 1-5 years, creating a world of difference in every glove.

The box/dispenser these gloves come packaged in is made from either 100% recycled paper or 100% post-consumer waste. These gloves provide excellent hand protection in a wide range of industry such as Food Processing, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Organic Foods, Museums, Agriculture, Automotive, Petrochemical, Public Utilities, Landscaping, Janitorial and more. Made from materials which comply with Federal regulations for food contact 21CFR, 177.2600.


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7 Item(s)

Biodegradable Gloves

In industries ranging from retail to sanitation, gloves get used a lot. Gloves keep hands safe, and they allow wearers to do better work. When the job is done, the gloves come off — but where do they go? In many cases, they go in the trash. Millions of disposable gloves are used every year, and they have become a major issue for the environment due to their harmful materials. Thankfully, there is a solution. Several environmentally-conscious manufacturers now produce fully biodegradable gloves that will quickly break down in landfills. These solutions are safe for the soil, the water supply, and the global ecosystem. Now, they’re available here at Black Box Safety.

The Case for Biodegradable Gloves

Historically, disposable gloves have been made from materials including latex and polyvinyl chloride. While cheap to produce, these materials pose huge risks for the environment once disposed. Latex and PVC do not break down easily in soil, which means they disrupt plant life and become choking hazards for animals that may chance upon them. What little degradation does occur can drastically alter the chemical content of soil and water, destroying many of the microorganisms and larger life that need these essential ingredients to grow. For garbage that makes its way to major waterways, traditional latex and PVC gloves can pose similar risks to ocean life. Changing glove materials to eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives saves lives on land and at sea — bettering the world that we all share.

The Industry’s Best Biodegradable Disposal Gloves Are Here

As you might have guessed from our name, safety is our number one priority here at Black Box Safety. That priority starts with providing high-quality protective products to working professionals, but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes protecting our planet. That’s why we’re proud to carry a diverse selection of eco-friendly solutions, like the biodegradable gloves you’ll find here. Browse our inventory for biodegradable nitrile gloves in a number of colors, sizes, and lengths. Both protective and biodegradable, nitrile is an excellent choice for eco-friendly employers looking to make a difference with their product purchases.

Learn More and Shop With Our Team

Want to learn more about how our team here at Black Box Safety is taking steps to help the environment? Interested in exploring other eco-friendly safety products here on our site? Visit our Products page for a full menu of our product categories, and contact our team to have your questions answered. Whether you are searching for biodegradable gloves or a number of other eco-friendly safety solutions, Black Box Safety is a name you can count on to deliver.