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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Screenshot of Black Box Safety featured in San Diego Business Journal Article

Doing Business with San Diego Business Journal

The San Diegan native company has had several years to develop and grow into their skin since starting in 2017. What was once a business operated in a one bedroom apartment, Black Box Safety, Inc. has now grown to become featured in some of the nation’s most prestigious publications because of its most recent achievements.

On March 19, the San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ) published an article regarding Black Box Safety’s most recent achievement, acquiring the largest sole-source body armor contract in the United States. With the State of California Body Armor Contract, the company now has leverage in its market to sell ballistic apparel to those who are bound to the agreement. There is also the opportunity for others who do not abide by the contract to also piggyback off of the pact, unlike those who hail under the California state agencies. For example, those such as the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Corrections must make their body armor purchases with Black Box Safety.

Having been recently listed as the 33rd fastest-growing private company in the San Diego area by SDBJ, Black Box Safety’s President Jackson J. Dalton was thrilled to have spoken with the business publication about this most recent milestone.

Written by Editor-in-Chief of the SDBJ Jeff Clemetson, the article dives deep with Dalton to learn more about the new California body armor contract and what it means for Black Box Safety. Detailing on the business’s journey to be awarded the contract, the piece informs viewers to how influential the agreement is for the company moving forward on its route to further success.

Ending with a sneak peak onto the next big venture for Black Box Safety, the article concludes with a positive outlook into the company’s future move forward. This was a tremendous moment for the team to experience and are already looking ahead in making more historic achievements in the business’s timeline ahead.

Thank you to Jeff Clemetson and everyone from the SDBJ team who made this possible for Black Box Safety.

To read the full article written by San Diego Business Journal, click here.

For media inquiries and more information about Black Box Safety’s contract with the State of California, please contact:

Jackson Dalton
Black Box Safety, Inc.
(619) 499-7943

About Black Box Safety, Inc.

Black Box Safety, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced defense solutions, dedicated to delivering high-quality equipment to support the needs of military and law enforcement agencies. With a proven track record of innovation, Black Box Safety is committed to protecting those who protect us.

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