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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (DVBE)
Understanding Eco-Friendly Earplugs

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Earplugs

The world today is enduring a number of environmental problems as a direct result of unsustainable and non-eco friendly products that are harming the planet. In recent years, society has begun to realise the impacts of environmental challenges around the globe, and have begun to place a higher priority on positively changing their carbon-footprint.

Ecological and eco-friendly products assure protection from dangerous chemicals and additives. Utilizing environmentally friendly products can improve quality of life and prevent lifelong illnesses caused by items that are manufactured using harsh and dangerous ingredients. Generally speaking, eco-friendly products aid in avoiding wastefulness, are cost efficient, and leading edge in innovation. The current exploitation of natural resources has caused detriment to the planet, and we are the only ones that can put a stop to it. By using environmentally friendly products, everyone is contributing to the safety and conservation of resources provided by the earth.

The term “eco-friendly” is a popular phrase and is used frequently in a variety of products and industries. It's slang that has been repeated frequently in recent years due to concerns of climate change and pollution occuring around the world. But what exactly does it mean for something to be "eco-friendly"?

Environmentally friendly materials are products that are not harmful to the environment. Not only do these products promote green living, they also boost production methods that decrease the amount of resources used.

For a product to be considered environmentally-friendly, a company must assert what makes their product beneficial to the environment. Eco-friendly products typically demonstrate on their packaging or their website how the product and product manufacturing process are harmless to the environment.

With the seriousness of global warming, it is essential that we continue to uphold our high standards for eco-friendliness. For companies that are truly environmentally aware, their environmental responsiveness is apparent throughout their company’s character. For companies like Final Fit Safety, it is apparent through their eco-friendly earplugs and plant based product line that they are committed to not only not harming the planet, but also having a positive impact on the earth.

Eco-Friendly Earplugs

Unfortunately, for many industries and corporations that regularly utilize hearing protection, there are a considerable amount of earplugs that are scrapped on a daily-basis. Something they may not realize is the amount of harm these earplugs have on the environment. Because these ear-plugs are not eco-friendly and due to their non-biodegradable nature, these products tend to take years to decompose and end up clogging waterways similar to the effects of a plastic water bottle.

Final Fit SafetyThankfully, there is a solution. Those who are concerned about the environment while also being attentive to their employees’ hearing may benefit greatly from Final Fit Safety’s eco-friendly earplugs.

With new OSHA standards and an overall concern for hearing damage, many industries around the world are faced with the tough decision of choosing between ear muffs or earplugs. The choice between the two can mean the difference between using proper ear protection or putting you and your employees at risk for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

The main advantage of using earplugs is the amount of protection they provide. And because they mold directly into the ear canal, earplugs provide greater protection than that of an ear muff, which cuffs the outside of the ear. Final Fit Safety biodegradable hearing protection provides a smooth, low pressure, dreamlike comfort, while also creating a lower carbon footprint than that of a typical earplug. These earplugs are suitable when you need the highest levels of protection, and are commonly used in industries and workplaces such as airports, construction zones, manufacturing plants, and factories.

Eco-Friendly Earplugs - Final Fit Safety

Do your part. If your employees utilize hearing protection on a daily basis and you would like to make a positive impact on the planet, consider using Final Fit Safety’s plant based hearing protection. These earplugs provide the same amount of hearing and ear protection as a typical earplug, while simultaneously participating in the Green Initiative.

Final Fit Safety products can be found here.

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