FallTech Elastech 6' Twin Lanyard 8240Y32D2R


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4Ω' to 6' ElasTechâ Energy Absorbing Lanyard

Double-leg lanyard with internal energy absorber and elasticated legs that expand and contract with the user's movement. Elastic leg construction helps to prevent tripping and snagging hazards compared to regular fixed length 6' lanyards.

  • Features integral D-ring for SRL connection without disengaging lanyard from user's harness.
  • Also includes two D-rings for rescue applications.
  • Double-leg 100% Tie-off construction for user mobility.
  • Features full-length internal energy absorber with low-profile design.
  • Includes alloy steel snap hook for harness attachment and rebar hooks for anchorage connections.
  • High-modulus internal elastic won't slack after repeated use.
  • Featuring Transverse Load Rated rebar hooks.

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